Celebrating 60 years of Corvetting at Shaheen Chevrolet in Lansing, MI. Photo credit to Tom Faupel.

Join Us!

Membership Requirements:

Person(s) who wish to join the Capital City Corvette Club of Lansing, MI must:

  1. Submit a completed CCCC Membership Application* along with payment of dues as listed; and
  2. Submit a completed NCCC Membership Application.*  CCCC bylaws require all members to also be a NCCC member.  The dues mentioned on the NCCC form are included on the CCCC Membership Application.  You may skip this step if you are a current NCCC member with an affiliated club by providing proof of membership (NCCC Number).
  3. Be an owner of one or more Corvette(s) at the time of initial application and payment of dues.
  4. Be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

*Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers allow completion of the forms prior to printing.

Membership Considerations:

Capital City Corvette Club operates on a calendar year basis. Renewal dues are payable prior to the end of the General Membership meeting which takes place on the first Wednesday in November.  NCCC charges a $10 late fee for those who do not renew by that time.

Dues New Member
$35.00 NCCC Primary Member Dues (includes $10.00 NCCC initial application fee)
$30.00 CCCC Primary Member Dues
$10.00 NCCC Spouse/Companion Dues
$10.00 CCCC Spouse/Companion Dues
$65.00 / $85.00 Total due if applying as a new Primary Member or Primary Member with Spouse/Companion

NOTE:  New membership applications received after July 31 are held until September 1 to allow the applicant(s) to be a member in the upcoming year without an additional renewal fee,  i.e. during August your membership would be with CCCC only and you would not be covered by the NCCC insurance policy.  If you are concerned about insurance coverage you may join as a full CCCC/NCCC member immediately and then pay the standard renewal fee in the fall.

Dues Renewal Member
$25.00 NCCC Primary Member Dues
$30.00 CCCC Primary Member Dues
$10.00 NCCC Spouse/Companion Dues
$10.00 CCCC Spouse/Companion Dues
$55.00 / $75.00    Total due if renewing by the first Wednesday of November

NOTE:  Add a $10.00 late fee, imposed by NCCC, if you haven't renewed your membership by the end of the November General Membership meeting. 

Dues Social Member - must have NCCC membership numbers with affiliated club
$30.00 CCCC Primary Member Dues
$10.00 CCCC Spouse/Companion Dues
$30.00 / $40.00    Total due

Dues Lifetime Member of NCCC
$30.00 CCCC Primary Member
$10.00 NCCC Spouse/Companion Dues
$10.00 CCCC Spouse/Companion Dues
$30.00 / $50.00    Total due

Dues Dependent Member
$10.00 Child of any Primary or Spouse member, as defined below.

NOTE:  Dependent child must be between the ages of 16 and 21, or between the ages of 16 and 25 and also a full time student.  See the NCCC Website for additional clarification on dependent members.

Type '4c.board' followed by '@cccorvette.org' into your email program).Please contact our Membership Director at the following address if you have questions about joining CCCC.  Be sure to include "Membership" in the subject line so that your email can be directed appropriately.