Celebrating 60 years of Corvetting at Shaheen Chevrolet in Lansing, MI. Photo credit to Tom Faupel.

The President's Award

The President's Award was established in 2006 by Dave Kuempel, who was our President at that time.  The award as created as a way for the President to recognize an outstanding member for their involvement and dedication to the club, and for their assistance to the President during their term of office.

President's Award Recipient Year President                          
Angela Hyde & Gloria Reiffer 2021 Kyle Felts  
Angela Hyde 2020 Robert Maynard  
Angela Hyde 2019 Robert Maynard  
Craig Iansiti & Chris Wieczorek 2018 Robert Maynard  
Bob & Deanna Pyle 2017 Jerry Wardell  
Chris Wieczorek 2016 Dave Pursel  
Mike Britz 2015 Sandy Bechtel  
Angela Hyde 2014 Sandy Bechtel  
Gloria Reiffer 2013 Terry Burke  
Kim Keith 2012 Craig Iansiti  
Sue Keith 2011 Craig Iansiti  
Colleen Bratschi 2010 Craig Iansiti  
Ted Lasher 2009 John Bechtel  
Randy Putmon 2008 John Bechtel  
Richard Shatkosky 2007 Dave Kuempel  
Gloria Reiffer 2006 Dave Kuempel  

President's Award